Financial Technology Solution

Integrating with our fast and risk-free service will allow our clients to significantly increase their traffic and focus on their business.

We provide a reliable and secure payment gateway solutions and integration of cashless solutions via mobile and card. Our experts will also be able to advise you on cryptocurrency solutions, crypto payment gateway and various crypto exchanger solutions.

IoT Solution

We are passionate to synergise technologies into daily life in creating a highly efficient working & living environment. IoT is undeniably taking over on how businesses are run, which includes research, design, development, deployment, and maintenance of IoT key components and infrastructural solutions. Our team will be able to help clients moving towards robotic adaptability as well as converging onto an AI and IoT world of hardware/software, our engineers are geared up to fulfil this demand by offering a customised solution.

Software Development

We look at each client’s requirements as unique, as each organisation runs their business the way they like to. The client must be comfortable with the technical systems they engage with on a daily basis. The core team at DTech are skilled and experienced individuals, each with our own strengths and together, we are able to form a balanced team specialising customised software solutions to meet client demands.

IT Solution

We understand the need for an organisation to have a robust yet flexible IT solution management systems that will suit their business and data. Our experience in IT enables us to provide all type of IT solutions that will suit our client’s needs. Our team is continuously upgrading our knowledge to the latest trend of technology and IT related information.

Mobile Application

In this digital day and age, organisations are increasingly incorporating mobility into their business strategies. We help our clients to design, develop and deliver mobile apps across all the major platforms, including iOS (iPhone & iPad), and Android. Our mobile app development services to include the feasibility study of the client business, user requirement studies such as features, function and user interfaces of the apps, project management, pilot testing and deployment.